From the cosmos to the environment,
it's time to use your unique voice to create a connection.

Self-transformation begins when we use our full expression to share experiences and opinions with the world. But it's not always easy to turn judgement and self-doubt into something poetic.

Kayla-Jane hosts online and in-person workshops that dive into various styles of reflective writing and poetry to support you in connecting with your emotions and revolutionize the fear of expression into something powerful. Workshops are open to new writers, curious creatives, or experienced storytellers. No matter where you are, you are worthy of the courage and confidence to express your emotions and life experience.

We explore what it means to be human in the vastness of the cosmos. Together, we'll ask questions and indulge curiosities about what it means to be human, and how our existence supports expansion.

Revolutionize your self-expression
with writing & poetry

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Humans are natural communicators, but the systems that have built the modern world have taken the power from our voices.

I'm Kayla-Jane, a poetry therapist practitioner in training, essayist and researcher. All those fancy words would mean nothing if I didn't step into the world and embrace the emotions and experiences that have made me who I am.

It hasn't been a glamorous journey, maybe you can agree. But today, we learn how to turn our words into gold.

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Poetry Heals, Because It Reminds Us That We Are Living.

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