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The Arch of Capricorn/Cancer

I fell into a slumber, dreaming about the moon and awoke with some type of voice speaking about Cancer. When my eyes opened, I aimlessly tried to remember the specifics, but the words were not meant to find me – just the imagery of being gifted polished rose quartz under a lustrous moon.

2022 has gifted me the idea to re-design what success is. I discovered that it means speaking from the heart, no matter how challenging or fearful it makes me feel. My life story is not a perfectly told novel, with smoothly flowing chapters and proper punctuation. In fact, I’m always late, my head is in the clouds; my reality is best described as an elaborate development of a shifting landscape filled with blossoming wildflowers, dancing in front of a jagged mountain range.

It’s December 21, 2022. As I write, Venus, Mercury and the Sun are transiting Capricorn, my 3rd/4th house (Whole Sign/Placidus). Capricorn is also home to my North Node, and my Sun recently Progressed into the sign. The Moon is in Sagittarius, transiting my natal sun, almost to the exact degree, adding fuel to the fire of this examination of reality.

Natal North & South Nodes: What is success?

The South Node and North Node can be seen as doors, one to the past, one to the future. In the center, I hover, moving from one foggy window to another. I find comfort in helping others, but have a tendency to lose myself in the process. I find joy in my work, but then I neglect the nourishment of my soul, creativity, and basic needs. There’s a wisdom in this duality, a balancing act only the best tightrope walkers can celebrate.

I’ve had a hard time with the concept of my Cancer MC and South Node, but through writing, self-expression, and study, I have found a key to a new entrance, away from the standard.

My aim in life has been directed by capitalism and people pleasing – my goals bogged down by money and digital achievements. I find myself in roles that look tailored to perfection, how could I want anything else?

This isn’t me at the core, even under my tough exterior. The shores I’m swimming in are littered by others' hopes, dreams, and expectations of what makes life worth living. The material gift boxes of societal victory.

According to Dictionary success is defined by a degree or measure of succeeding, a favourable or desired outcome, and the attainment of wealth or eminence.

I’ve begun to rewrite my definition of success. It is not an award, it’s not exhaustion, it’s not being better than everyone else, it’s not a never ending to-do list or endless meetings. It’s not letting my body be weak and creative endeavours collect dust. It’s not rejection letters, criticism, or self-doubt.

I can tell you what success is not to me, so what is Capricorn calling me toward?

Capricorn & Cancer: The Mountain

When I observe Capricorn, I see willpower, commitment, consistency, and ambition. Cancer is gentle, contemplative, nurturing, and has the power of feeling. These placements show me how to move through my experiences and emotions and how much more powerful they can be when they work together.

I must enter the water and get my feet wet to reach the top of the mountain. It’s essential to feel every ounce of emotion and take one step up at a time, stopping to take in the world around me. Each leaf, petal, stream, and stone. The monument of life is not created with inaction or rushing – it’s created with sturdy strides and the acknowledgement of progress. Looking ahead to see what path may not be the easiest, but what suits me.

Capricorn, the sea goat, cannot exist without water. Cancer, the crab, needs land to breathe (depending on the type, but let’s not go there). In nature and the cosmos, these two creatures need each other to co-exist and thrive. I see them both, living interchangeably near the mountains I climb.

Capricorn NN opposing my Cancer MC has gifted me with the logic and hands to explore these thoughts and feelings. This is the greatest gift of all. The connections, collaboration, and relationships support my curiosity about the human experience and the potential for a better future, one poem or story at a time.

For me to be successful, I must speak from the heart, let others be heard and loved without losing my sense of self, or letting my ego put up a shield.

My success no longer relies on others’ responses or validation, I congratulate myself when it is due, you are welcome to join. No longer hiding my emotions is a success. Setting boundaries are creative time; heart to heart conversations; new endeavours that challenge expectations and saying yes to what sparks a twinkle of joy or curiosity.

My desired result for life, right now, is speaking and listening from my heart. To hold space for myself and others to all feel and express what is surrounding them with pain or bliss. To nurture the voice inside of all of us, that wants to be heard – that needs to be heard.

My triumph does not look like yours, so why does it feel like we are all chasing the same thing?

I feel like my talents are being exploited to write about consumerism, property, and finance. Monetary structures hold no tangible success for a better future for humanity, only for a select few that manage to make it. I pay my bills and contribute to a system, and I am tired of being part of it, but I want to be on this planet. I just want to remove the false sense of security that is being packaged and sold to us, a dream sold a dime a dozen.

How do I get out?

By speaking from the heart.

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