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Creating the Cosmic Revolution: Improving The World, One Universal Step At A Time

Meet Kenny the Astrologer, a queer, non-binary astrologer who is on a mission to give power back to the people and support systematic change.

I love astrology because it gives you a framework to demystify and un-shame certain parts of yourself, even things you think are flaws, even things that the world might pathologize you for. Astrology deems it as part of your makeup, and then you can deal with it with a language that isn't shameful, which is why it has been so important for queer folks. - Ocean Vuong

Kenny Rivera, a magical human with cosmic networking of an Aquarius Sun, Sagittarius Moon, and Cancer Rising, is on a mission to construct safe spaces for others to shine in their celestial splendour, a voyage that started in 2017.

They are non-binary, Puerto Rican, gay astrologer who is here to support folks on the journey of unapologetically being their authentic self. They support others through tarot and astrology to help others embrace their divine cosmic light.

When they were in college, a shift calling for revolution was in the air. With the guidance of YouTube and a nudge from a friend, they began watching tarot videos – that was when they fell in love with divination and the art of tarot. At this moment, they were reunited with the first time they saw their natal chart (which was at the age of 10).

Kenny started with astrology books and Cafe Astrology which led them to community and networking. When they attended the Fresh Voices Summit, they noticed that there was a need for more POC astrologers. From there, they began to offer readings to friends and those who were interested. Kenny the Astrologer became official in April 2021.

“Astrology helped me give another way for people to step into their power, or at least fight against that adversity to move through obstacles and still be at the top of their game,” Kenny shares.

Discovering Happiness Beyond Capitalist Standards

When I first met Kenny, I attended their Success with Saturn masterclass; a cosmic dive into understanding and using practical areas of natal charts to focus on routine, career and service. What caught my attention, was their confidence and curiosity to look beyond the 10th house. Their class offered a unique view that goes beyond the capitalist standard of this placement and the pressures of society to be worthy of success.

“Understanding your system helps you break what doesn't feel right for you. You need to understand how that plays out in order to undo it within your own life and then start undoing it systemically,” they share.

I agree with Kenny; we can generate success on our own terms. But how do we redefine success while fighting capitalist standards and expectations?

“We need to learn how society works and how this all started to start figuring out how to change it. The same thing applies to each of us personally. We need to understand how we function, how we work subconsciously, consciously, and in all areas of our life to figure out what changes we need to make to break our own systems, to break the systems that are holding us down,” they say. “When we do finally have that power, then we can shut those loopholes out and move forward.”

Social Justice Traverses with Astrology

When you hear the word social justice, what do you think?

Many of us may think it’s too much. It’s not worth the argument. It’s too heavy.

But what if we can get straight to the point? If we can listen to what others are saying and ask questions. As Kenny mentions, you can’t get into an argument unless you are disrespectful.

Kenny shares that in elementary school they faced bullying. As high school rolled around, they began to understand the courage to stand in their power and live in their truth.

“As I grew up, society and the world that we live in, slowly but surely just kept ripping me apart. I began to see the systems against me, but I didn’t understand them. I was fortunate enough to find myself getting educated in social justice issues,” they explain.

As the weaving of social justice and astrology took place, they found the bridge between the two to enact change and understanding – education.

One of the reasons why capitalism has lasted is the evoking of fear. When the power is put back into the hands of the people, we can move forward with a society that is built to last and be supportive of each other, not fighting us against each other.

“Social justice is all about empowerment. It's all about educating people to understand the odds against them and how to overcome them. And so astrology has been, at least for me, that sort of tool to help me understand the systems and the things that are against me and how to overcome them.”

When Kenny shares with me that they were the first in their school to come out as gay and that they were the first male cheerleader, it paints this picture of a leader who is not only making decisions from their core self, but also for the greater good. Social justice is necessary through trailblazers, but what if we all became leaders in our life?

“With astrology, the idea of the elements, modalities, and houses do different things in the chart helps you break it down. The biggest thing about social justice education is breaking it down so that people can learn and unlearn. Ultimately, it supports understanding yourself in the world to a level where you literally just live it. You know this is how you must react and what you need to do. You know that this is the energy that's coming up, and you can feel more confident.”

De-colonizing Astrology and Embracing Thinking Beyond The Binary

The language and systems of power continue to wreak havoc on marginalized groups. Astrology has become another piece in the consumer wheel, where people choose themselves over the collective.

The industry has become dominated by white men and women. There is an invitation to deconstruct the voices who are currently being seen. One could argue, that even with astrology being thousands of years old, we haven’t learned anything because not all voices are being heard and shared.

Kenny enlightened me on how astrology is a system, but it can be utilized to break down harmful systems – many that are much more recent than astrology (which is said to be close to 2,500 years old). Astrology can not only support our internal change but also guide us in systematic change.

“There are astrologers of colour out there, we just don't know about them. It's necessary to start thinking about astrology within the lens of oppression, people of colour, the LGBT community and all those other instances of identities, because that's a whole other part of astrology that we haven't looked into,” Kenny explains.

Using Post-Colonial Astrology by Alice Sparkly Kat as an example, we can see how Saturn has been created through a lens that is aligned with political interests and capitalism. I’m tired of seeing this roll out through spirituality and astrology. I do not want to see POC and queer leaders being prevented from sharing their wisdom with the world. We need to stop fighting each other and support each other. We need to think about our actions, ow they may be harming marginalized groups, and how astrology is contributing to that.

Kenny suggests everyone to join the team and keep the hope and faith we will have a diverse community of healers and astrologers. By shifting language, speaking beyond the binary, and supporting astrologers, the current language and systems related to astrology and society can change.

“I feel like astrology at one point hit a wall. And that was before we had astrologers of colour, before queer astrologers and those with disabilities. Those are the people looking at the aspects of astrology from a different lens,” they illuminate. “It helps us understand things more, and it's important because now we are finally seeing representation happen - this is our moment to take the spotlight. It’s time to focus on us now; we’ve had enough. At this point, it’s late to be noticed, but it’s happening.”

Supporting Cosmic and Physical Transformation

The first step for astrologers and the community to amplify this change by beginning with social justice education and ending compartmentalizing of identities.

“We need to step out of the box and break down the walls and become more like Pisces. Slow down and embrace the chaos, embrace making mistakes, and getting things wrong and brace for not knowing if this is something that will be widely accepted,” Kenny shares.

“It doesn't even exist because I know for a lot of us like we're having to figure out how to do things without the binary with everything in astrology is within binary boxes has definitely been a wide issue, but we need people to not be afraid of doing it a new way.”

In the world of mass media, there seems to be a dullness around astrology, even as it rises to the attention of the public. Kenny mentions how they have also seen this happening.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I scroll or search, and it’s the same repetitive transit reports or harmful biases about signs. This lack of diversity in the field and public spaces for POC and queer astrologers is right in our faces, but there doesn’t seem to be a dialogue around how problematic it is.

A problem seems to be arising with modern astrology. There’s a lot of telling, not showing. There is some mystical façade around the language online that can make you feel overwhelmed. I’m all for philosophy, but as Kenny and I discussed, the sugar coating needs to come to an end. Perhaps the ego is what is propelling astrology to the realm of confusion and distrust lately.

If we continue to celebrate diverse identities and ideas, there can be a shift in astrology, and therefore how we connect with others.

“We need to think of dialogue and discussions. Having one idea can exist while another exists, and they're not mutually exclusive. It's OK if somebody sees mercury in a different way, it’s all a spectrum. We need to stop thinking of it as Y equals X plus Z,” Kenny articulates.

Transformation Is In The Air: Kenny’s Pick for Upcoming Transits

As a resident Pluto in Scorpio generation, I feel like I’ve watched the world crumble and re-birth more times in 30 years than some may see in 100 years. But this gives me immense hope when I look to the Pluto in Sagittarius generation, carrying their bow and arrow of hope to truly evoke sustainable change. We can’t keep our heads down anymore.

As Kenny mentioned, Gen Z is questioning everything in the sectors. Musings include, what is going on? Why are we still allowing this to continue? How can it look differently?

“That the way that the Pluto in Capricorn transit has played out is destroying the systems that are happening. I always feel the difference between Capricorn and Aquarius,” they explain. “Saturn in Capricorn is about structure, becoming organized and disciplined to a point where we can just keep going, even if it's not sustainable. We've learned with Pluto in Capricorn that nothing that we have been doing is sustainable, which was always been this undercover thing, but now it’s become very in our face. We are starting to wake up and become aware of what is happening.”

There is an invitation in the cosmos to embrace the dismantling of structures and rebuilding. We’ve been watching the evolution of Pluto in Capricorn (the first time in 248 years) since 2008, but it will transit into Aquarius on March 24, 2023. This transit is one of the top ones to watch over the next year.

“We can think of Pluto in Aquarius as the Renaissance,” Kenny says. “It connects to the phoenix myth – the idea of rising from the ashes. Capricorn has been destroying so much that is not working. Pluto in Aquarius is going to be about picking up the pieces and figuring out what is going to work now, and it might not look pretty; it’s the starting point to change. I always think of this like we are in the middle of a whole section in the history books.”

As Kenny mentions, “dramatic and amazing moments that come from such turmoil and tragedy.”

At the end of my conversation with Kenny, I feel a sense of optimism. Perhaps we can see a world beyond the means of colonization and capitalism – a world, where diverse voices are being listened to.

A world, where we embrace freedom beyond structure. A world, where we are united under the cosmos.

Stay Connected With Kenny The Astrologer

Kenny is currently working on new offerings for individuals and business owners. They currently have their books open for astrology readings, tarot readings, and their Cosmic Chatter blog filled with creative insights.

IG: @kennytheastrologer

Twitter: @astrologerkenny

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