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Mars + Scorpio | Writing Prompts

On the other side of darkness, there is light. Though we may not know what that light is, Mars in Scorpio reminds me us it's worth seeing what is on the other side.

On October 30th at 10:21 am EDT, Mars will enter Scorpio until December 13, 2021.

This transition inspired us to become focused on our desires and passions. In Scorpio fashion, we are asked to go to the deepest depths of our souls to uncover valuable insights.

Mars is the planet of drive and confidence - it's focused on getting what it wants. Scorpio is inviting us to stop avoiding essential issues right now. Let problems transform us.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. With the energy of Mars, it desires to experience emotional depths, go to deeper levels of existence, understand what we repress and why.

One could mention that this moment in the stars is an opportunity for us to honour our fears. We are invited to look into the graveyards we've dug and what we've buried. Resurrect our pains and struggle to find the truth. Put to rest the pieces of your life and self that block you from living in an honest place or reaching for the life you desire—no more running.

An interesting note with this transition is that all though we may feel intensely emotional, we are ready to resolve issues that are stopping us from growing. Don't let failure get in the way of success. You may be called to explore shadow work right now - accept the invitation!

To help you work with this shift, I created some writing prompts for you to embark on.

Writing Prompts

  1. What house does Mars fall in your chart? In what ways can you go deeper in this area of your life?

  2. Where do you feel fear calling you? Are you embracing it or running away from it?

  3. What areas of your life are you holding back from allowing growth? What do you need to move forward?

  4. How is life scaring you right now?

  5. If you use tarot, take the Death card from your deck and meditate with it for a few minutes. What does the card evoke in you? What are you ready to rebirth into your world? Is there a figure or symbol in the card you relate to?

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