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  • Kayla-Jane Barrie

May 26 Lunar Eclipse Writing Prompt

We have a powerful super moon coming our way on May 26. Here's what you need to know about the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius and a writing prompt to help you connect inward with the universal energy.

As someone who has a stellium (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars) in Sagittarius, saying I am feeling this upcoming Lunar Eclipse is an understatement. I know my inner world is shifting and I can't help but feel the pull to make some changes in my external world. If you're interested, I'm also in the midst of my Saturn return.

Here's my take on Lunar Eclipses and a writing prompt for you to use when the time is right.

How Do Eclipses Happen?

A lunar eclipse happens when the Earth is directly between a full moon and the sun. The shadow from our home planet will decorate the moon with a reddish-brown hue.

A partial lunar eclipse happens when the Earth is not directly aligned with the sun and moon, therefore only part of the moon will be cast in Earth's shadow. A penumbral lunar eclipse happens when the Earth, moon and sun are inches away from perfect alignment, similar to a regular full moon.

Why Are Lunar Eclipses Significant?

Imagine the energy our the moon and sun, using its universal hand to reach down and to guide (or force) you to where you need to be. It can bring sudden change and strong emotions that support you into growing into your fullest potential. I like to view them as a cosmic helping hand.

The energy around lunar eclipses will help you look deeper into areas you need to reflect on and release. These can be other people or situations. Listen to your intuition for guidance on where you need to move on from.

As MindBodyGreen explains, "A lunar eclipse heightens the energy of the full moon and is a time to embrace endings and let go of things that are no longer serving you—ready or not. This may happen abruptly at these supercharged full moons—a situation or person can literally be "eclipsed" out of your life."

Regretfully, in Ontario and even into the east coast, we won't see much of the lunar eclipse this week. But that doesn't mean we won't feel it. Think about how many celestial events happen that we don't see, but damn we feel it.

Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse Writing Prompt

Under the moonlight, or in your favourite place to reflect, I highly suggest taking some time to connect inward and with potent energy.

Here's my weekly writing prompt for you:

What are you ready to eclipse out of your life?

I would love to hear your thoughts about this lunar eclipse, or what this writing prompt surfaced for you in the comments below or on my Instagram page.

Keep shining,

Kayla-Jane @ Word Alchemy

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