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Storytelling and the Cosmos

Can we use the cosmos as a source of inspiration in our waking life?

Since a young age, I have been obsessed with the cosmos. In the last few months, I've felt an emotional tug to the conversation around humanity being interconnected with the cosmos.

Over ten years ago I first saw Carl Sagan's Cosmos. From that moment, something awakened in me. I remember feeling this internal connection to the stars, but also the connection of the universe to the blood that flows through us; the neurons that ignite our mind.

“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.” ― Carl Sagan

This all goes beyond astrology and aliens, my stepping stones to cosmology.

When I think about my poetry therapy work, I initially felt shy about adding cosmology to my special interests in my bio; how dare I use such a scientific study as a writer?

Writing through the doubt and thinking about the vastness of the universe, I began to believe, and trust, that the big ideas are the cosmos and storytelling are ingrained with each other.

The unravelling of the cosmos is a story in itself.

Why would we not use it as a source of inspiration?

Whether we tell our stories of being connected to our astrology charts, or the vastness of the sky above, the universe is a reality in its own life and we use it as a piece of our self-expression.

Every planet has its own atmosphere, chemical compound, and energy that it irradiates - as do humans. When we take a step back from our internal experience and look up to the stars, we can see our turmoil in a new light.

Let anger feel like the combustion and fiery waves on Venus.

Let loneliness feel like the shores of Neptune.

Let your empty heart feel like the long-forgotten Pluto.

Let your confidence blaze like the Sun.

The cosmos are a touching point for human experience. Writing supports our self-expression. We may not be able to tell stories of all the planets, galaxies, and stars, but we can share the chapters of our cosmic soul. We can craft our pieces of existence around the makings and reality of the cosmos.

The cosmos is awake.

Are you?


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