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  • Kayla-Jane Barrie

Moon Magic & Your Inner World

We all feel the effects of the moon, the power is universal. When we look at the location of it in our natal charts, we can learn how to express our emotions, nurture ourselves and understand our internal world a bit more.

Here are some of my findings on how to work with the moon and what it means astrologically.

The Moon In Your Natal Chart

The moon is multidimensional. Along with being our emotional body, it is our instinctive knowing, our inner world. It represents our needs, feelings, and security. When we listen to our moon, we are listening to the depth of our hearts. The moon is the deep core within us; where the magic occurs.

Even if two people are born with their moon in Sagittarius, they will have different expressions depending if it is a full or new moon.

Moon Magic and Astrology

The moon is ruled by Cancer. I find this to the perfect combination because many of us tend to keep our emotions protected, like the crab and its shell. Where the sun gives us our spirit, the moon gives us our soul.

The new moon is for planting seeds, making a vision for the future, setting intentions, and setting forth the theme for the month. It's a time to dream about what you wish to create in your life. New projects or attracting or increasing what you desire ideal during the new moon. Without the illumination, this can also be a good time for shadow work.

Once you have an idea of what you're ready to bring into your life, the waxing moon is time to project your intentions outward and into the universe. The moon is getting brighter so began to shine brighter.

The full moon is the culmination, the burst, the most powerful phase of the lunar cycle. This is potent energy when you use your magic to focus on important goals.

It is then time to release the energy of outward expression and align it with inward reflection during the waning moon. Eliminate negative energy and experiences. Work around this is aimed at overcoming obstacles and resolving conflict.

When the moon is void, nothing much is happening—it’s best to finish up projects and not initiate new things.

As I learn more about the moon in my natal chart and others, I am in awe of the power this luminary has on our identity. It holds so much wisdom to our happiness.

If you don't know where the moon is in your chart, check online, or even better, book with an astrologer to get a chart reading.

"The Moon is an astonishing companion on the human journey. She both lights the way and invites us into the dark." - Bethroot Gwynn © Mother Tongue Ink 2017

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