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life, is poetry in motion

Meet Kayla-Jane

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We are all natural communicators. But our modern day systems and societies aren't the best models for expressing our emotions and experiences.


There have been a few constants in my life - my love for the cosmos, the environment and writing.


Through the waves and gifts of cosmic change, I have found my voice as a creative leader to help others connect with their emotions and express them.


Writing has helped me understand my relationship with myself and become friends with my emotions. I have chosen to be a leader in helping others turn their silence into self-expression.

It's time we re-write the stories that keep us small.

It's time we face the fear of saying what we really feel.

It's time we question the structures that are holding us back.

It's time we live.

I always say that poetry and writing remind us that we are human because it's too easy for us to ignore our truth in a world that wants us to stay in line. They don't want us to ask hard questions because they are not ready for the revolution.

The revolution starts on a blank page.


Whether you are connecting and nourishing your emotional world, or if you are challenging the gaps in society, writing is your best friend in using your voice.

We all have a blank page waiting to embrace innovation.

I am here to help you rekindle the fire of your voice. That authentic self-expression that is burning inside you, just waiting to be unleashed.

With writing and poetry therapy we don’t only transform our expression through writing.

We re-write the narratives of our life that have us trapped in unsupportive patterns and beliefs.

Whether it's your first writing workshop, or you're a published author, I work with many folks who are ready to create a little anarchy in their notebook.


I will guide you through the revolution of turning your words into gold.

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