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  • Kayla-Jane Barrie

Re-Humanizing Healing Through Radical Love

For Ariane (@neptunian.serenity), she has chosen a path that ignites the inner desire to support others to expand their capacity for radical love – something we deeply need on this planet. She is an astrologer, tarot reader and Psychosynthesis Life Coach.

Each time I talk to someone with Pluto in Sagittarius, I’m in awe of their steadfast movement toward what they are passionate about. They fire up their bow, take aim, and move to where they are called. Ariane grew up in a home that embraced spirituality and had a mother who was quite intuitive herself.

For Ariane, it started with astrology memes (like many of us) being sent between friends. This led to her discovering that she has Pisces Moon paired up with her Leo Sun and Cancer Rising. Her journey evolved into learning more about the planets and personal astrology and tarot. Both of these tools play an important role in her coaching business.

“I did a bunch of practicing with astrology and tarot, then life coaching happened when I wanted to deepen my knowledge and offer more tools to help people. I knew that's what felt right for me and that's what I wanted to continually invest into further,” she says.

Shifting Through the New Age of Academia

There is some debate if spirituality can be transmuted through screens, but if you look at the last few years, non-traditional healing modalities have taken the centre stage.

Whether people are seeking guidance for their own path or opening their hearts to support others, it doesn’t matter if someone is beside you or across the country.

Ariane shares with me that Psychosynthesis Life Coaching is a spiritual psychology that brings together the science of our deep psyche, and spiritual essence to support us in exploring and finding the greatest potential and purpose within.

“It's a holistic approach that talks about having harmony within oneself, the different parts of our personality, also known as parts work. If it helps people with their lives, then we're going to integrate it and go deeper,” she says.

She explains that once the training began, it was authentically aligned with her goals. What’s unique about, is how it combines psychoanalytic theory and spirituality – an infusion you won’t find at most traditional schools.

“There are all types of like systems of oppression entrenched in the academic world. With psychosynthesis, the founder was very humble and had an emphasis that this is meant to evolve even after he passes away. When there are new discoveries in the fields that could be relevant to us, let's include it," she shares.

“I think in some other fields or schools of thought that are more mainstream there is a bit of a condescension sometimes. Or they think, well, we figured everything out 100 years ago and nothing has changed, and everything is black and white, yes or no, this or that. And that's not what psychosynthesis is. We are invited to bring our life experience in our own backgrounds in different fields to add to work as the psychosynthesis coach.“

My Pluto in Scorpio is just about ready for traditional school systems to be abolished (among many other things). As society opens up to the true potential of education, which does not take away from humanity and celebrates the spirit, it’s no correlation between coaching and the new schools of thought are showing up. We’re becoming more curious about the world around us and, the intricate networking of our minds and each other.

Ariane shares that psychosynthesis and parts work to support clients to share their voice and instead of categorizing it into traditional sectors, they are supported to walk through it to integrate the wisdom and healing necessary to move forward. “The client always knows what is best for them, we are not assuming we know better. Sometimes people need help to find the answer deep within. It’s an invitation to explore together; we are not telling you the answer,” she explains.

“Sometimes it's not even about the approach or the medium of healing you're using. Whatever needs to come through will come through; someone will figure it out and help heal it, regardless of what with what tool,” Ariane shares.

Putting The Power Back To The People And Challenges With The Coaching Industry

As we explore the concept of putting the power back into the hands of the people, we lead to the talk of collective and societal change. We explore the power dynamic between therapists, doctors, coaches and the client. She says that the type of coaching she does offers support for the client and her to be on the equal playing ground.

“At the core, psychosynthesis is a conversation between two souls. I think it's humanizing for everyone involved. We haven't figured everything out, but that doesn't cancel the fact that we can do a great job helping others,” she says.

Ariane weaves astrology and tarot with her sessions to provide extra guidance if the client is open to receiving it. Both tools support clients in finding clarity and support in the present moment. Ariane explains she likes to blend it all together as much as possible to support her clients wholeheartedly and with compassion.

With the rise in coaches, there are challenges in the industry. Therapists have a set of laws and guidelines to follow, while coaching is newer and has various avenues and less direct guidelines. Coaches can not legally call their sessions therapy sessions, but Ariane says that her approach can be very therapeutic.

“A lot of people are doing healing work professionally that is less conventional or doesn't have a university degree to go with it. It’s the absolute function of like the systems of oppression mentioned earlier, we know what this is and have figured out what it is and it's dangerous to consider anything else helpful, is just not true, and it's also not guaranteed. Just because you go to someone who has a degree doesn't mean it's a guarantee they're good at their job or has an ethical approach,” Ariane says.

She explores the idea of having a certification or board to manage the coaching industry but mentions that coaching is supposed to be more accessible and offer more freedom compared to traditional therapy. We also explore the high cost of education, which many healers may not have access to, so they take on coaching.

Both modalities have a risk of being unethical and coming from a place lacking compassion, but what if this concept goes beyond the monetary success and degrees of making the world a better place and supporting people to see themselves?

If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve probably been advertised the get-rich coaching schemes via social media. These ads target the capitalistic urge inside of us to have money to be happy. The fact people are struggling and traditional ways of living are no longer working, some lanes of coaching have taken this unethical approach, but it does not mean everyone has this as their goal. Ariane mentions that most coaches, especially the work she does, have some kind of counselling or trauma-informed skills with their business to protect clients.

“Coaching is beneficial, therapy is beneficial. It's going to be different for everyone. We can both learn from each other. Let’s open up dialogue in respect for each other and see we have the same goal, we just have different approaches,” she says. "I genuinely think that people want those humanizing experiences when they're feeling vulnerable. And you know it's you might not get that going to a therapist, but you will if you're with a life coach. You can tap into your authentic self and you are supported on that journey. That's all that matters.”

Upcoming Astrology Transits & Staying Connected with Ariane

Looking ahead to the astrology of 2023, there is an emphasis on the collective and taking action. Right now, Ariane is enjoying Jupiter in Pisces (and like me), she does would like for it to stay a bit longer. She is also curious to see how the Mars Retrograde in Gemini will continue to unfold.

“It's going to help us out so much, there is going to be so much insight and we need that right now. And I feel like that's what's great about astrology - whatever transits happen at that moment, it's what the world needs at that time,” she shares.

March 2023 also holds a handful of potent transits Ariane is looking forward to, such as the New Moon in Aries, Saturn’s ingression into Pisces, and Pluto entering Aquarius. These transits hold space for hope, humanitarian efforts, and transformation. Ariane says, “The thing about Pluto is the more you resist the transformation, the harder it is. I hope this time we can allow ourselves to transform.”

If you would like to connect with Ariane further, here’s how:

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